Delta Research Station

How to Participate in the Process

There are several ways to participate in the planning and environmental review process. New opportunities will be provided in the Latest News and Updates section of the website.

One way to participate is through the environmental review (i.e., CEQA/NEPA) process. The first opportunity for the ERS/FTC occurred during scoping, which ended on January 6, 2015. Scoping is conducted at the beginning of the environmental review process to receive input from stakeholders, responsible and trustee agencies, and interested members of the public on the potential environmental impacts of a project. Two scoping meetings occurred in December 2014. Each meeting featured informational presentation(s) from the project team and presented all interested individuals with the opportunity to submit oral comments on the project.

Another way to participate in the process is by submitting a written comment on the EIR/EIS during the public review period, which begins on October 30, 2015 and ends on December 14, 2015. The 45-day public review period is initiated with the publication of the CEQA and NEPA Notices of Availability of the Draft EIR/EIS. Any interested individuals are invited to submit comments in writing to the lead agency(ies) (DWR and USFWS). Comments may be submitted via email at or may be mailed to the following addresses:

California Department of Water Resources
Attn: John Engstrom, DRS Draft EIR/EIS Comments
1415 Ninth Street, Room 315-3
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 942836-0001

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Attn: Barbara Beggs
650 Capitol Mall Suite 8-300
Sacramento, CA 95814

A final way to participate in the process is by attending a public meeting during the public review period for the EIR/EIS. Similar to scoping meetings, public meetings provide a venue for interested members of the public, stakeholders, and responsible or trustee agencies to submit oral comments on the project environmental analysis. Public meetings will be held at the following locations and times:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
D.H. White Elementary School, 500 Elm Way, Rio Vista, CA 94571

Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.
Arnold Rue Community Center, 5758 Lorraine Avenue, Stockton, CA 95210