Delta Research Station


Estuarine Research Station

The ERS would be a center for research and study of the Bay-Delta ecosystem. The ERS would provide improved and additional facilities for science and research activities and would consolidate over 160 state and federal employees from the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP). ERS facilities would include office and work space, wet and dry laboratory facilities, warehouse and boat storage space, a marina, and a vehicle and boat repair shop. Laboratory facilities would include optical equipment (e.g., microscopes), fume hoods, computer stations, and water tanks of various sizes for processing of field samples and experimental studies of fish and ecology. The ERS would also include a dry electrical lab to house electronic sensing, monitoring and telecommunications equipment used to monitor tagged fish and the estuarine environment. The ERS would be managed by DWR.

Fish Technology Center

The FTC would be a center for research, conservation, and study of rare Bay-Delta fishes. The FTC is also intended to house and maintain a refugial population of rare fish species (i.e., a captive-raised fish). The FTC would include research and study facilities, an office and administration building, a shop and vehicle storage building, a water treatment facility, and an effluent treatment facility. The FTC would include separate aquaculture and research components for individual study species and a laboratory space to support water quality, genetic, and fish health analysis. The FTC would be managed by USFWS and would be sited immediately adjacent to the ERS.